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Project Introduction
TMC History Bookhe Martin County Historical Society published The Martin County Heritage Book in 1980.  Copies of these printed volumes are owned by many county residents and former residents living across the country.  Now, it's time to bring the last edition up-to-date with a new one.

Because printing and distribution costs are very high and with the use of computers and the rapid growth of digital devices, other options are now available, the Martin County Historical Society has decided to "make history" and go online with the next edition. While, for many of us, nothing can take the place of a paper book, publishing online offers some significant advantages:

  • Our history will be available, online, at no cost to readers from anywhere in the world.
  • The information is continually being updated as contributors add entries. This next "volume" will, in effect, be the last one as it will be ongoing.
  • Digital publication allows the addition of content other than print such as audio and video as well as links to outside sources of information about the same subjects. (Example: a history of a house or other structure could link to an entry on that subject that may be on the National Register of Historic Places; or, an entry about a particular person or place may have books published on the same subject. A link may be provided within its online entry.
  • The cost of online publication is significantly less than the cost of producing and distributing printed volumes.
To participate in this online "edition" of Martin County History, download these instructions that will tell you what the steps are and how you can prepare and include your history entry. First decide which category or categories your entry fits. Options include persons, family names, places, events, businesses and industries, etc. When you ready to make your entry, you will fill out an online that asks for these categories. (Your information may fit into more than one category so be sure and read the entire list of options!) 

Your $25 basic entry fee includes 3 pages and a membership in the Martin County Historical Society. Fees for larger entries are shown at right. All entries will need to follow our simple guidelines that will help keep entries consistent and manageable for the growing database.  You will also be able to include photographs and, possibly, videos and recordings as well as links to additional digital material elsewhere (subject to approval of such links by the Martin County Historical Society.)

We provide guidelines to help you develop and format your entry for online publication.  And, with the addition of your online entry into this exciting new project, you'll be making history yourself! See links at right for more information.
$25 1 - 3 pages*  (Includes MCHS membership)
$35 4 - 10 pages
$45 11 - 20 pages
$55 21 - 30 pages
$65 31 - 40 pages
$76 41 - 50 pages
$100 51 - 150 pages
*A "page" means a 8 1/2 x 11 word processor page in an easy-to-read type size...nothing smaller than 10 pt.
Listen to the strange song of a tobacco auctioneer in a Williamston warehouse.  Watch an old "movie" of people enjoying Easter Monday on the banks of the Roanoke in Jamesville or get the passenger's view of a train trip to Robersonville!  Our history is coming to!
Guidelines for entries
Use these guidelines to prepare and  submit your digital entry!
Entry Fees:
$25 First  3 pages
$35 4 to 10 pages
$45 11 to 20 pages 
$55 21 to 30 pages 
$65 31 to 40 pages
$75 41 to 50 pages
$100 51 - 150 pages
The Martin County Historical Society is not liable for the accuracy of content in this online history.  Individual contributors must bear responsibility for the content of their entries.